Thursday, September 30, 2010


McCarter Theatre is a jewel of a venue in the quintessential university town in central Jersey. Their current show, Aurelia’s Oratorio, is a combination of Cirque de Soleil, a magic show and a fantasy, plus it’s appropriate for all ages. Call to purchase tickets pronto!

Aurélia’s Oratorio

Aurelia's Oratorio<br />                    Starring Aurélia Thierrée<br />                    Featuring Jaime Martinez<br />                    Created and Directed by<br />                    Victoria Thierrée Chaplin<br />                    Presented in association with ArKtype and Crying Out Loud UK<br />                    Dazzling, Whimsical, Astonishing<br />                    Ages 10 & up

WHEN: through October 17, Tuesday–Thursday, 7:30 PM; Friday & Saturday, 8 PM; Saturday, 2 PM; Sunday, 3 PM & 7:30 PM
WHERE: McCarter Theatre Center, 91 University Place, Princeton
call 609.258.2787 |

Welcome to Aurélia’s Oratorio. Behind the red velvet curtain lies a topsy-turvy world of surreal surprises, tricks and transformations, where dreams come to life and the impossible happens before your very eyes. Aurélia Thierrée has charmed audiences around the world with this dazzling display of stage illusion. Up is down and hot is cold in this whimsical, beguiling, and offbeat adventure. Get your tickets early for this limited engagement that has played to sold-out houses around the world! Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Aurélia Thierrée has been performing on stage since early childhood. She began her career in her parents’ Le Cirque Imaginaire and Le Cirque Invisible, during which time she learned to combine a developing sense of the surreal with the demands and discipline required. During recent years she has worked with a number of film artists, including Milos Forman, Coline Serreau, and Jacques Baratier. For several years, she toured with The Tiger Lillies in The Tiger Lillies Circus. She has also worked in variety and cabaret in Berlin. Inspired by medieval drawings that depict worlds upside down and inside out, she collaborated with her mother, Victoria Thierrée Chaplin*, to create Aurélia’s Oratorio for the stage.

*Aurélia is the great-granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin!