Sunday, August 1, 2010


Dear Readers,
I can't believe that 4 weeks have passed since I created njartsmaven! I have had a great time "building" the blog—not so easy for a person who, while not technologically challenged, is a newbie at this blogging stuff! Just the mention of HTML scares the living daylight out of me!

This blog came about because after 15 years of reviewing local theater for two community newspaper chains, the journalism business is changing. Coverage of cultural events is dwindling (one newspaper group will publish its arts supplement only once a month instead of weekly) as is the pay for submissions. How am I to feed my drama and cultural arts addiction?

Thus, njartsmaven was born. Your response has been gratifying. As of today, the blog has garnered almost 1500 "hits," and many of you have subscribed to receive alerts. Two people have even posted comments!

I will continue to search for events I think will interest my readers. I urge you to subscribe via e-mail if you haven't already done so; you'll get just the updates, and I promise that I won't "sell" or share your e-mail with others (I hate that). Best of all, tell your friends so they can get in on the fun!

Let me know if you've discovered an event I should cover. I look forward to hearing from you; is my e-mail address.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your interest and support. This is way too much fun!

Ruth Ross