Thursday, December 23, 2021

2021 at Luna in YOUR words...




We are so grateful for all the moments we shared in 2021, and for all the stories you shared back with us! Here's a quick look back at some highlights of this year in the words of our audience...


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THE FRONTERA PROJECT, a new play in Spanish and English, created by actors from the US and Tijuana, performed outside at Luna Stage and Lackawanna Plaza 




In collaboration with artists from Ping Chong and Company and our community, we created the documentary film 2.2 SQUARE MILES OF SOUL: VOICES OF ORANGE




#RIFT, a form-bending theatrical memoir grappling with our country's political divides, was sent via text message to audiences across the country.




We offered four weeks of pay-what-you-wish outdoor theatre and filmmaking camp for youth and teens, as well as year-round classes



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We reopened for in-person outdoor performances with THE FRONTERA PROJECT, a stereotype-shattering play in Spanish and English co-created by artists across the US-Mexico border and toured bilingual theatre workshops to schools in our community. ​

Our form-bending virtual production of #RIFT: A PLAY OVER TEXT MESSAGE was delivered to over 600 cell phones across the country, inviting audience to explore how we bridge cultural divides in America (and was awarded a grant from the Venturous Theatre Fund's Plays-For-Now!)​

In collaboration with Presidential Medal of Honor recipients Ping Chong and Company, we created the community history documentary film 2.2 SQUARE MILES OF SOUL: VOICES OF ORANGE, which streamed online, premiered outdoors in person, and will be screened at local high schools in 2022!​

To support our community in reflection and recovery, our virtual gallery of VACCINE MONOLOGUES can currently be viewed at​

Throughout the pandemic, our virtual classes, camps (and even birthday parties!) kept youth and adults inspired, creative and connected. We have offered over 700 hours of pay-what-you-wish education programming to students in our community and across the country.