Sunday, October 11, 2020


MST: Mile Square Theatre
The casts of

Given Circumstance Comes to a Close.

With two final world premiere plays written for Zoom! Today (Sunday) is the final day to buy tickets. The video doesn't expire until you watch, so you can enjoy at your leisure:

Hell is Other People’s Zoom Weddings
by Dustin Chinn

Gene and Ada find themselves in a Zoom wedding breakout room together after not having seen each other for over ten years. Through the awkward encounter, they discuss love, religion, marriage, and finding true happiness through the “quar”.

The Gentleman from Philly
by Chris O’Connor

Quarantine has put Chad in a tough financial position. When he calls his mom to dig out his old baseball collection so he can sell them, she has to break some bad news to him. A lighthearted, witty comedy about family, nostalgia, and letting go. 


Tickets: $15-$20 

Given Circumstance is a short play series featuring seven new plays written specifically for the Zoom format. The four-part series begins September 18, and runs every weekend through October 11.