Thursday, August 25, 2016



Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey LilySherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily

by Katie Fogette

Contact: Hackettstown NJ* A small professional Equity Theatre Box office 908-979-0900

WHEN: Wednesday,  August 31, 10:30am- 7:00pm. Must call theatre-office to make Appointment Time.
WHERE: Lackland Center Kutz Theatre, 715 Grand Ave Hackettstown NJ 07840
REHEARSALS: Sept. 20- Oct. 7 
PERFORMANCES: Oct. 7th-Oct. 23rd

Centenary Stage Company is a non- for- profit equity theatre operating under a SPT 4 contract ($352.00 per week) located in residence on the campus of Centenary College in Hackettstown NJ (400 Jefferson street) approximately 50 miles west of NYC. You may call the office at 908-979-0900 to schedule an audition time. SIDES WILL BE PROVIDED.  SIDES ALSO AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD BELOW.


  • Sherlock Holmes (Lead): Male, 30-59  Clever, ingenious master of deduction and spotter of the obvious that others don't see.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Dr. John Watson/Man2 (Supporting): Male, 30 - 59 Loyal of Holmes, and committed to his duty, also will play Man 2.
    Ethnicity:  All Ethnicities
  • Mrs. Lillie Langtry/Woman (Supporting): Female, 30-49 Alluring stage beauty,  considered one of English's greatest actresses.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Oscar Wilde (Supporting):  Male, 30 - 50 Friend to Mrs. Langtry, famous poet and playwright, funny, clever and outgoing.
    Ethnicity:  All Ethnicities.
  • Mrs. Irma Tory / Mrs. McGlynn (Supporting): Female, 40-69 as Mrs. Tory, housekeeper to Langtry and Holmes, as Mrs. McGlynn, a secret member of Professor Moriarty's gang.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • John Smythe, AKA Man / Abdul Karim / Man 1 (Supporting):  Male, 20 - 49 Plays respectively, a Moriarty gang member, an attendant and confidante servant to Queen Victoria and an extra as Man 1.
  • Professor Moriarty (Supporting): Male, 30-59 Classic, criminal mastermind, wants to defeat Holmes, does not tolerate fools or failure. Should be versed in some stage sword play.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

The cunning of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle meets the wit of Oscar Wilde when Wilde brings his dear friend, celebrated actress Lily Langtry to Baker Street. The mastermind detective Sherlock Holmes must solve a case that threatens not only the the English Crown, but his own life as well as he finds himself face to face with his greatest nemesis, the "Napoleon of Crime"!  This is a mystery with comic elements. Dialects and a sense of style are a necessity.


SHERLOCK SIDE 1 - Holmes/Watson A
SHERLOCK SIDE 2 - Oscar/Watson/Holmes/Lillie
SHERLOCK SIDE 3 - Holmes/Watson B
SHERLOCK SIDE 4 - Padgett/Oscar/Lillie/Tory
SHERLOCK SIDE 5 - Moriarty/Smythe A
SHERLOCK SIDE 6 - Moriarty/Smythe/Tory (Moriarty/Smythe B)
SHERLOCK SIDE 7 - Tory/Smythe
SHERLOCK SIDE 8 - Moriarty/Smythe C
SHERLOCK SIDE 9 - Smythe/Lillie
SHERLOCK SIDE 10 - Lillie/Kitty
SHERLOCK SIDE 11 - Karim/Holmes