Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story

"A terrifically creepy journey into the minds of killers"
"a wonderfully gripping ninety minutes... Leopold and Loeb work diligently toying with one another, and in Luna's space we do not simply watch them at work—we are invited completely into their world,  an alternately scary and very exciting place to be."

"the most exciting, gripping and intensely entertaining production of the season."

'Thrill Me' at Luna Stage is a twisted tale of love and murder
""Thrill Me" is more absorbing than many more traditional musicals. There's something oddly refreshing—almost thrilling, one might say—about the way it looks, so unflinchingly, at how low two human beings can descend...."

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WHEN: Thursday at 7:30 - Just a few seats left; Friday at 8:00 - Seats left - best show for tickets; Saturday at 8:00 Just a few seats left; Sunday - SOLD OUT!
Talkbacks After the Show this Week
Researchers have determined that lighting is something that everyone is affected by but very few of us notice. But don't stay in the dark! Join us this Thursday for a conversation with Thrill Me Lighting Designer Jorge Arroyo and Director Cheryl Katz about they way they used lighting to tell both the emotional and the literal story of Thrill Me.

Friday, December 18th
When most people think of musicals, they think comedy not killers. This Friday evening, December 18th, join us for a conversation with Dr. Nathan Hurwitz, professor of musical theater at Rider University and author of A History of American Musical Theatre: No Business Like It, as we discuss where Thrill Me fits into a tradition of musicals that explore the darker sides of humanity and ask the question whether musicals might be particularly well-suited to tell the stories of those we struggle to understand.

Come Early and Visit the Context Room
The Context Room will be open 1 hour prior to every performance and for 30 minutes afterward.
Admission to The Context Room is included in your ticket price. Come early and attend a preshow talk (45 minutes before curtain), or stay for special events after the performance. And why not grab a cupcake next door while you're at it!

Nineteen-year old-Nathan Leopold and eighteen-year-old Richard Loeb committed their shocking crime in 1924. It was referred to as the crime of the century then, and for the past 90 years, society has returned to this tale again and again. Why? Join us in The Context Room to explore this question and more! Click Here for More Information

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Image: Joe Bigelow and Dean Linnard; Photo by Christopher Drukker