Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hudson Theatre Works


About the Play: STAND UP MAN
People see Stand up comedian Thaddeus McGuinn differently. His son would like to see him gone, his wife would like to see him dead, and his audience would prefer not to see him at all. Disgraced ex-altar boy Thaddeus McGuinn is about to face his toughest audience ever, his own sins.

Stand Up Man follows its protagonist over one week, as he journeys back and forth between his audience and his family. Thaddeus is one joke away from total mental destruction and one wife away from owning all the land he ever dreamed of, a burial plot.


DEREK MURPHY was born and educated in Dublin Ireland.  He moved to New York in his twenties and has called it home ever since.  He is the author of several plays, including "A Short Wake" which premiered at the Derry Playhouse and was chosen as part of the 1st Irish Theatre Festival in New York in 2009.   He is also the author of "Miles Over Man" which was first produced at The Old Museum Theatre in Belfast, "A Couple Of Chekovs", produced by Riverrun Theatre Company in New York, and "Looking For Sympathy at the Silver Spoon" Shotgun Productions, NY.


WEEHAWKEN WATER TOWER: nullThe readings will take place at the renovated Weehawken Water Tower.  Hudson Theatre Works would like to thank the City of Weehawken and Mayor Richard Turner for lending us this unique architectural structure for the readings.

The medieval style tower was designed in the early 1880s by the eminent architect of the Gothic Revival, Frederick Clarke Withers. 

Originally rising above a four-acre reservoir, this unique structure, while housing water company offices, supplied clean water, under pressure, for drinking, cooking and bathing, and ample water for fire fighting and industry. These were conveniences that significantly contributed to the economic growth of the area. The tower was once called "the most important structure of its kind in the country."  

In 1980 the Weehawken Water Tower was declared a National Landmark.

Hudson Theatre Works is committed to an ensemble collaboration as well as artistic risk through its work with its permanent company, guest artists, partner institutions and the surrounding community.  It will be dedicated to a "rugged" aesthetic and will seek to tell stories, both new and old, classic and contemporary, which reflect our lives, relationships and world today.

Hudson Theatre Works primary focus is in bringing a living theatre community to the area of Hudson and North Jersey through performance, outreach and theatre arts instruction.