Friday, May 31, 2013


Studio Playhouse - Upper MontclairAUDITIONS:

By Michael Frayn
Directed by Mark Liebert
Stage Manager Russ Meyer

WHEN: Sun. June 16th at 6:30 PM; Tue. June 18th at 7:30 PM; Callbacks: Wed. June 19th at 7:30 PM
Studio Players, 14 Alvin Place, Upper Montclair

A play within a play. It is an American tour of a dreadful British sex-comedy titled Nothing On—the type of play in which young girls run about in their underwear, old men drop their trousers, and many doors continually open and shut. Nothing On is set outside of London . Each of the three acts of Noises Off contains a performance of the first act of Nothing On.

Act One is the dress rehearsal, the night before opening with the cast still fumbling with entrances and exits, missed cues, misspoken lines, and bothersome props, most notably several plates of sardines.

Act Two portrays a Wednesday matinee performance one month later. In this act, the play is seen from backstage, providing a view that reveals the deteriorating personal relationships among the cast that have led to offstage shenanigans and onstage bedlam.

In Act Three, we see a performance near the end of the ten-week run. Personal friction has continued to increase. The actors attempt to cover up a series of mishaps but only compound the problems and draw attention to the bungling performance. Much of the comedy emerges from the subtle variations in each version as off-stage chaos affects on-stage performance, with a great deal of physical comedy. The contrast between players' on-stage and off-stage personalities is also a source of comic dissonance.


Dotty Otley/Mrs. Clackett (female, 45-65) American actress who has put up her life savings to mount "Nothing On"; having an affair with Garry; forgetful at times

Lloyd Dallas (male, 45-65): British director, a lady's man; having an affair with both Brooke and Poppy; tempermental

Garry Lejeune/Rodger Tramplemain (male, 30+) American actor; having an affair with Dotty; becomes unjustifiably jealous of Frederick; stutters when not on stage

Brooke Ashton/Vicki (female, 20's) An inexperienced American actress, attractive with an excellent figure (will spend much time in only bra and panties); having an affair with Lloyd

Poppy Norton-Taylor (female, 25+) American assistant stage manager, understudy; emotional; overly sensitive; carrying Lloyd's child (not physically evident); jealous of Brooke

Frederick Fellows/Philip Brent (male, 40s) American actor, serious fear of violence, prone to nose bleeds; his wife just left him; must be able to jump up a flight of stairs with his pants around his ankles.

Belinda Blair/Flavia Brent (female, 30-45), American actress; the rock and peacemaker; cheerful and reliable

Tim Allgood (male) Over worked American, stage manager, carpenter, company manager, understudy, gofer

Selsdon Mowbray/Burglar (male, 65+) Veteran British actor, alcoholic who hides bottles all over the theater

Directors Notes: The show will be set in the US. The American actors will use English accents when in their Nothing On character. Brook's should neither be good nor consistent. Lloyd and Dallas should have solid English accents.

All actors are required to do physical comedy. Call backs will include movement, please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Sides will be provided.

Performance dates: September 20th - October 5th

Rehearsals begin week of July 8th