Friday, September 21, 2012


By Eric Coble
Directed by Jon A. Russo

WHEN: September 23 at 6:30  PM, September 25 at 7:30 PM
Studio Players, 14 Alvin Place, Upper Montclair

Performances are December 1, 2, 8, 9 at 1:30 and 3:30 each day.

It’s the day after the Ball in the Kingdom and the Prince has only one glass slipper as a clue to just who was that woman he fell in love with. In comes television reporters, Deb Jabber and Sonny Glamour to solve the mystery of the missing girl. They stop at nothing to find the Prince’s lost love. They soon track down the befuddled Fairy Godmother whose scheduling problems confuse Beanstalk Jack with Pinocchio. And with her magic wand, sends them in wrong directions. Sonny follows the trail to the Shoemaker’s shop where he interviews the Shoemaker only to find his shoes are made by an Elf. Deb’s trail takes her to a field where she interviews Mr. and Mrs. Mouse. They relate a shocking experience as they are transformed into horse and carriage driver, taking Cinderella to the ball. Finally the reporters end up at the Stepsisters’ home where Cinderella is a servant-girl. The Stepsisters push Cinderella aside as they crave the limelight offered by the television reporters. The play crescendos as the reporters, the stepsisters, the Prince and Cinderella come together to determine just who fits the lost glass slipper and weds the Prince.


  • Deb Jabber–(female-18-30) A serious, hard-driving reporter from Action Newsday Now. She’s motivated to get the facts efficiently and effectively.
  • Sonny Glamour–(male-18-30)An entertainment reporter for Glitter Kingdom Today who doesn’t let facts get in the way of getting down to the dirt of the matter.
  • The Prince–(male-18-30) The not-so-bright heir to the thrown who searches for the woman who wore the glass slipper at the ball the night before.
  • Fairy Godmother–(female  35+)A befuddled but kindly fairy who is in need of a schedule planner as she confuses her daily, magical duties.
  • Jack–(male-18-25) A boy on his way to the market to sell his cow Flossie.
  • Pinocchio–(male-18-25)A curious puppet who yearns to learn as he’s off to school.
  • The Shoemaker–(male 35+)A shoe salesmen who makes fine footwear (and claims he doesn’t employ elves!
  • The Elf–(male/female 20+)The true maker of fine footwear.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mouse–(male and female 18-25) creatures with a shocking tale to tell.
  • Cinderella–(female 18-25)A hard working servant girl.
  • The Stepsisters–(female 18+) Wicked, mean, ugly, you know—stepsisters!