Thursday, August 30, 2012


circle players logoAUDITION NOTICE

By Steven Dietz
Directed by Eric Walby
Produced by Jon Heron

WHEN: Sunday, Sept 16, 6-9 PM and  Monday, Sept. 17, 7-9 PM. Callbacks will be 7 PM. Wednesday, Sept. 19.
Circle Playhouse, 416 Victoria Ave., Piscataway

Sides will be provided.
Pictures and resumes are requested, if available.

This comedy centers on Becky, a middle-aged woman who's happily married to her husband, but 28 years of wedded life has turned their marriage into a predictable routine. Then she meets a grieving widower who happens to be a millionaire. He mistakenly believes Becky is a widow, and she doesn't immediately straighten him out.

In 2010, award-winning playwright Steven Dietz was named one of the most produced playwrights in America (excluding Shakespeare), placing eighth on the list of the Top Ten Most Produced Playwrights in America, tied with Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee for number of productions.

The role of “Becky” has already been cast.

Additional roles being cast are:

  • Joe Foster (age appropriate to Becky; 45-55) — Becky’s husband. Strong, pragmatic, stolid, loves his wife and family, and is significantly smarter than he gives himself credit for.
  • Howard Flood (55-65) — very wealthy businessman. Gentle, sweet, good hearted, and not terribly connected to the real world. Has been lost since his wife’s death.
  • Chris Foster (appears 26) — Joe and Becky’s son.
  • Kensington (Kenni) Flood (early 20s) — Gorgeous, rich, spoiled, cynical, brilliant. Howard’s daughter. Dating Chris.
  • Steve (40-55) — Becky’s coworker. Still grieving the loss of his wife in a hiking accident. Manic, overly emotional.
  • Ginger (40-55) — Walter’s neighbor. Scion of a family that has just about gone through all of its long-held family wealth. Sad, funny, smart.

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