Saturday, May 12, 2012


with Frank Licato, Artistic Director, Hudson Theatre Works (

WHEN: Starting June 3, SUNDAYS @ 6 TO 8 PM
Monroe Center for the Arts, 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken 
TUITION: $200/month

"Frank works within that rare environment where creativity is a balance of seriousness and playful freedom, rooted in a trustworthy sense of truth and expanded and challenged by boundless imagination." —Michael Ornstein, Chuck Marstein on Sons of Anarchy

"Frank Licato is a wonderful director, actor and teacher in that his stage and TV career has been a stellar combination of acting and directing.  He gives his colleagues first hand knowledge because he has been there and done that.  His work is gritty, truthful and on the money." —Richard Vetere, Pulitzer-Nominated Playwright

Alan and Frank

"Frank is a consummate professional. He works closely with his actors, making sure he gets the best performance he can without compromising that actor's abilities.  He has a warm way about him which also makes for a great experience.  He has an intelligence and great knowledge of theater, film and the arts.  He knows how to get, not just a performance from his actors, but the right type of performance.  His teaching is just as important.  He more then senses what an individual needs.  He seems to intuit it and after creating a secure and safe environment he brings actors to an understanding of their own gifts and voice.  I can't recommend him highly enough." —Garry Pastore, President of Hudson Film Group (Above: Frank on One Center Street with Alan Arkin)

"Frank Licato is a gifted director, teacher. He has a great rapport with both beginners and professionals alike. Frank is always guided by the principle, "if it doesn't work for the actors, it doesn't work".  It's refreshing to watch him work, because he has such a strong understanding of the play AND the actor's process." —Gino DiIorio, Playwright and  Director of Theatre Arts Program, Clark University

"When you work with Frank, you're getting coached by an accomplished actor...and a seasoned director.  He knows how it feels to be on both sides of the casting table.  He can 'talk' like an actor, but has a director's eye and knows just how to guide you to your strongest performance." —Liz Sheber, NYU Theatre Graduate

"Having had most of my acting experience in musical theater, Frank helped me "tone it down" for the stage. I found a more organic groove which has served me very well in subsequent acting endeavors.  I highly recommend Frank!" —Clifton Lewis, Actor, Garage Theatre Group

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  • Complete an audition-ready Monologues
  • Learn an enjoyable, reliable monologue technique to take with you
  • Learn a solid audition technique for all types of auditions

DIRECT YOUR MONOLOGUES: Having focused, specific staging is the single most effective help for audition nerves.  

ACT YOUR MONOLOGUES: Specific techniques help you act spontaneously, boldly and truthfully in the moment; you will also learn how to fully "act with no one" and how to keep your acting commitment to your monologue under the pressure of an audition.

AUDITION WITH YOUR MONOLOGUES: This part of the workshop is effective for all kinds of auditions.  

  • How you enter the room
  • How you introduce yourself and your monologue
  • How you leave the room, how to have a strong, confident finish to all of your auditions.