Wednesday, May 30, 2012



ImageThe Chatham Community Players will hold open auditions for its 18th annual Jersey Voices One-Act Festival. Jersey Voices has provided a venue for New Jersey playwrights to showcase their work since 1995.

WHEN: Sunday, June 3, and Tuesday, June 5, at 7:00P M.
WHERE: Chatham Playhouse, 23 North Passaic Ave., Chatham.

Performances on July 27, 28 and August 3 and 4.

They are looking for men and women, ages 20 to 70, and one female teenager who can play 14-years-old, to fill roles for six one-act plays. Actors may read from sides available at the auditions or they may present a monologue. For those who are interested, full scripts will be available for reading at the Library of the Chathams—across the street from the Playhouse.

Presented Pieces are:

6 in the Kid
By Ralph Greco, Jr.
Directed by Joann Scanlon

A young aspiring writer interviews with a famous playwright to be a research assistant. But the playwright may not be exactly who they seem to be; or maybe they don't really want a research assistant after all.

Interviewee, 20 something, male
Playwright, 50 something, female
Personal assistant, 60 something, female

The Buffer
By Mike Allegra
Directed by Paul Bettys

Sarah has convinced Bill to go out with her best friend and her friend’s annoying, unemployed husband. Bill, who dislikes the husband, realizes that he is going as a “buffer” and doesn’t want to go. Couples negotiations ensue, with an unexpected outcome.

Sarah – 30-something female
Bill - 30s – 40s male

By Mary Jane Walsh
Directed by Arnold Buchiane

A one-woman play that depicts, in a riveting fashion, a mother's unwavering love for her grown child.

Need: Actress is a very composed woman in her 60's-70's, must have great emotional depth and restraint.

The Portrait Gallery
By Gary Shaffer
Directed by Stephen Catron

An older gentleman sits quietly on a bench viewing paintings at a museum gallery, while a younger woman sits quietly on the floor sketching one the hanging portraits. Another man enters the gallery, disrupting their world and learns there is indeed more there than meets the eye.

Older Gentleman
Dudley - Younger Man
Frances - Younger Woman

Children of September
By Eric Alter
Directed by Frank Briamonte

Sometimes wanting to believe is all we have ... and all we need.

Crimson – 14 year old girl
Dr. Hillary Larkin (Crimson’s Psychiatrist) – Female late 40s
Man – 30s–40s

The Incident Report
By E.M. Lewis
Directed By Chris Messineo

When a passenger ends up dead on a plane, an aviation safety investigator attempts to discover the truth of what happened.

Connor - Male (30 to 60) An officious and determined aviation safety investigator.
Petersen - Male (30 to 50) A passenger with good intentions, but racked with guilt.
Lee - Male (30 to 50) A heroic but violent passenger, in denial of his actions.
Morrow - Male (30 to 50) A drunken and belligerent passenger.
Stewardess - Female (20 to 40) Pretty, even-tempered and confident in her role.

The Chatham Players have an open call casting policy. ALL roles are open, none are precast, and everyone is encouraged to audition.

Any questions, please call Bob Lukasik, Artistic Director at 201.412.4039. For directions or additional information about each of the one-acts being produced,