Monday, April 2, 2012


By Craig Wright
Directed by Chris O’Connor



Peter returns to Pine City, Minnesota, for his 20-year high school reunion, yearning to win back Kari, his teenage love. The two-act drama is cleverly presented with just three actors: the long-ago lovers, Peter and Kari, and a narrator who populates the stage with an assortment of friends and classmates whose appearances explore the event that drove the couple apart and enrich the story with humor and perspective on the universal passage of time. The play takes its name from the reunion’s setting, an events venue that is slated for demolition at midnight.

WHEN: April 12 – 29, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday @ 8 PM; Saturday and Sunday @ 3PM; April 19: Special Pay What You Will performance
Monroe Theatrespace, 720 Monroe St., 2nd Floor, Hoboken
TICKETS: $30/adults • $18/students and seniors
Order online or call 201.683.7014 for reservations

What the critics say about The Pavilion:
"Wright has taken a simple premise and invested it with poetry, feeling and a distinctive voice…[He] manages a seamless blend of humor and pathos, philosophy and emotion…The script's greatest strength lies in the genuineness of its feelings." —Houston Chronicle.

"THE PAVILION offers a cheery existentialism—asking big questions in an easygoing, casual way…It boasts language that's rich but not dense…It also honors your intellectual and emotional intelligence, eschewing easy answers. Bravo…" —Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.

"Wright's perceptive, gently witty writing…makes this familiar situation fresh and thoroughly involving." —Philadelphia Inquirer.

"THE PAVILION, a gloriously theatrical treat by Craig Wright, turns the dramas of ordinary lives into the patchwork pattern of the universe." —South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


(Above L-R: Matthew Lawler, Dina Tyler, Greg Jackson)