Tuesday, March 20, 2012




By Ken Ludwig
Directed by Mike Fabian

WHEN: Monday, March 26, and Tuesday, March 27, at 7:00 PM. Callbacks are scheduled to be held on Thursday, March 29, at 7 PM.
East Brunswick Community Arts Center, 721 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

The show dates are June 8 – 24, 2012.  All shows are Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM and Sundays at 3 PM.

Lend Me a Tenor is not a musical, although there are a few minutes of sung lines within it. While the play is ABOUT opera, the action all takes place in a hotel suite in 1934.  Lend Me a Tenor is a madcap comedy in the vein of old Marx Brothers movies and requires impeccable comic timing. Good comic actors should not hesitate to audition because of the music. Acting ability is more important.

Those auditioning should bring an updated copy of their theater resume, and head shots, if available. Auditions will be held on first-come, first-serve basis and appointments are not necessary. In addition, individuals should be familiar with the script. Playhouse 22 will provide sides for auditions.

  • SAUNDERS (male, age 45-60): Bombastic impresario of the Cleveland Grand Opera. Maggie’s father. Thinks he is a big wheeler-dealer, but his schemes often seem to fall apart. Comic timing essential. Saunders does not sing at all.
  • MAX* (male, age 25-35): Assistant/gopher to Saunders. Though he’s a little nerdy, Max knows deep down inside him there is a heroic figure struggling to get out. Wooing Maggie, somewhat unsuccessfully. Comic timing essential. Max must sing fairly well, lyric baritone to tenor range, up to a strong high F. (Max only sings for about 2 minutes, so comic timing and acting ability is more important than operatic singing ability.)
  • MAGGIE (female, age 25-30): Saunders’ daughter and Max’s reluctant girlfriend. Wholesome, loveable girl-next-door type, but longs to be a femme fatale with an exciting life of high drama. Physical comedy and comic timing essential. Maggie does not sing at all.
  • TITO MERELLI* (male, age 45-65): World-famous operatic tenor, known to his fans as Il Stupendo. Heavy Italian accent.. Comic timing essential. Tito must sing fairly well, tenor range, up to a strong high A. (Tito only sings for about 2 minutes, and the operatic lines he sings are not especially challenging, so comic timing and acting ability is more important than operatic singing ability.)
  • MARIA MERELLI (female, age 35-55): Tito’s wife. Impulsive temperament. Flies into rages. Heavy Italian accent. Maria does not sing at all.
  • BELLHOP* (male, age 20-60): Fanatical opera groupie. Exuberant personality. The BELLHOP sings a few lines, but it is not necessary that he sing well, or even on key.
  • DIANA (female, age 30-45): Soprano with the Cleveland Opera. Small-town diva who would like to make it to the big-time and is willing to do whatever it takes. DIANA does not sing at all.
  • JULIA (female, age 45-65): Chairman of the Opera Guild. Grande Dame of the Cleveland opera scene. Imposing presence. JULIA does not sing.

*Max, Tito and the Bellhop will be asked to sing a specific piece of music at auditions, which can be found here (beginning at 4:07 and ending at 4:40). The selection is brief and will be taught at the audition; sheet music and accompaniment will be provided. Auditioners for Tito should sing the tenor line; auditioners for Max and the bellhop can sing either the tenor or baritone line.

Questions can be emailed to or by calling 732. 254.3939. For more information, including character descriptions, please visit