Tuesday, November 1, 2011




By Charlie Lovett
Directed by Nicole Howell
Assistant Directors Phoebe Grace & Caroline Friedman
Stage Manager Skyler Fortgang
Adult Mentors: Claudia Budris & Amy Fox

WHEN: Monday, November 14, @ 7 PM; Wednesday, November 16 @
7 PM
STUDIO PLAYERS, 14 Alvin Place, Upper Montclair 
Performance dates: February 18 – 26

Some roles may be doubled. Sides will be provided at the Auditions. This is not a musical – no songs or monologues necessary.

We’ve all heard the story of Cinderella a thousand times, but we've never heard about Bob, her long-lost twin brother who’s living in the same kingdom with different wicked stepfamilies. With the help of the Fairy Godmother, the Godfather (who’s no fairy!) and a lot of luck, Cinderella and Bob find a way to attend the kingdom’s festivities! Twinderella will delight audiences of all ages!


  • Narrator #1(male or female, 10-18): Is in charge of the show
  • Narrator #2 (male or female, 10-18): Runs a little late
  • Billy (male, 8-18): The narrator’s inquisitive audience member
  • Sally (female, 8-18): Another audience member
  • Tommy (male, 8-18): Another audience member, a little confused
  • Susie (female, 8-18): Another audience member
  • Cinderella (female, 13-18): You know her- she wishes she was online instead of doing her family’s work
  • Stepmother (female, 15-18): Cinderella’s evil stepmother who loves her daughters and treats Cinderella horribly
  • Esmerelda (female, 10-18): One of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters
  • Ethel (female, 10-18): The other stepsister
  • Bob (male, 13-18): Cinderella’s lost twin who loves baseball
  • Stepfather (male, 15-18): Bob’s cruel stepfather who loves his sons and doubts Bob’s athletic abilities
  • Eggbert (male, 10-18): One of Bob’s cruel stepbrothers
  • Mortimer (male, 10-18): The other stepbrother
  • Lou the UPS Guy/Girl (male or female, 8-18): The friendly person who delivers important packages and letters
  • Fairy Godmother (female, 13-18): Cinderella’s caring grandmother who knows we all know Cinderella’s story
  • The Godfather (male, 13-18): Bob’s godfather who’s definitely not a fairy (Italian accent important- think “The Godfather” movie)
  • Shirley (female, 8-18): Enchanted gerbil who’s not very happy about it
  • Lola (female, 8-18): The other enchanted gerbil
  • Princess Petunia (female, 13-18): The Princess of the land, would rather play baseball than dance at a ball
  • Prince Percy (male, 13-18): The Prince of the land, would rather dance at the ball than play baseball
  • King Roger (male, 15-18): Not too smart- can’t even tie his own shoes
  • Queen Betty (female, 15-18): The real ruler, has to do everything for the King
  • Duke of Earl (male, 8-18): A member of the court who assists the King
  • Duchess of Earl (female, 8-18): Another member of the court