Friday, October 21, 2011


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An inspiring show about a kindergarten class learning many of life’s simple yet most important lessons: honesty, modesty, caring, sharing, respect, friendship and more. This 60-minute family-friendly experience includes multiple featured roles with memorable songs and laugh-out-loud dialogue.

They are looking for Kids ages 6-11 who love to sing, dance and act!

WHEN: Saturday, October 22, from 2-4 PM and Sunday, October 23, from 2-5 PM; By Appointment Only
Callbacks will be held on Sunday, October 30
WHERE: Elefante Music and School for the Performing Arts, 1790 Springfield Ave., New Providence, NJ
Show Dates will be December 16-18

To sign up for an audition, CLICK HERE

For the Audition...

  • Please prepare one of the songs found on our Audition Materialspage to sing at your audition
  • Be prepared to give us all of the conflicts that you have with our rehearsal schedule
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you can dance in for the dance portion of the audition.
  • Break a leg and have fun!

We will have a minimal rehearsal period. Specific dates are below:

  • Saturday, November 26 (10:00-6:00)
  • Sunday, November 27 (10:00-6:00)
  • Friday, December 2 (4:00-7:00)
  • Sunday, December 4 (4:00-8:00)
  • Friday, December 9 (4:00-7:00)
  • Sunday, December 11 (4:00-8:00)
  • Monday, December 12 (4:00-8:00) MANDATORY
  • Tuesday, December 13 (4:00-8:00) MANDATORY
  • Wednesday, December 14 (3:30-5:30) MANDATORY
  • Thursday, December 15 (4:00-8:00) MANDATORY

(Not everyone will be called for the entire rehearsal each day. Times are subject to change slightly due to cast availability. The final schedule will be announced with the cast list)

All Rehearsals and Shows will be held at: The Summit Playhouse, 10 New England Ave., Summit, NJ

*There will be a $30 participation fee if cast*

Character Descriptions

  • AMANDA - A quiet little girl who is sad and angry. Her pent-up feelings tend to set her apart from the other kids. Strong singer, comfortable with harmony.
  • ADAM - A small, shy boy who is often getting “picked-on” by other kids. He wants very much to get along with everybody and tries very hard to “fit in” but gets discouraged when he is “left out.” Strong singer and actor.
  • BETHANY - An adorable little girl who likes being the “teacher’s pet.” She mimics the motions of the teacher and is often right next to her, watching. She always carries a large doll whom she “teaches.”
  • BARRY - An extremely smart, very serious boy who wears a jacket and tie and often uses big words. He usually gets along with the other students, but sometimes finds them too immature.
  • CLAUDINE - A precocious, “street smart” girl who dress and acts the way she believes a teenager would. She is well liked by the other students and is so confident that she believes she can outwit adults.
  • CHUCK - A tough, aggressive boy who is the class “bully.” He is well liked, or feared by most of the other kids, but picks on many of them anyway. He’s not really mean, but is sometimes rude to the teacher.
  • DANIELLE- A loud and assertive little girl who acts very immaturely. She dresses very nicely and is apparently from a wealthy family. She is prone to “temper tantrums” and is used to getting what she wants.
  • DAVID - A dreamy, imaginative little boy who has trouble concentrating and is easily distracting. He is very popular and is friendly with everyone. He doesn’t like schoolwork very much -- he would rather be playing!  Good with comedy.
  • ELLEN - A very sweet little girl who is a bit clueless. She is friendly and extremely popular. She often says things that have nothing to do with anything in particular but are amusing just the same. She is very kind.
  • EDDIE - A hyperactive boy who is the “class clown.” He acts silly and is eager to make others laugh. He does and says strange things and cannot keep still for very long. Comedic actor.
  • ENSEMBLE roles are available as well!

*Note: Girls may be cast in male roles. In this case, the gender of the role will be changed.