Tuesday, September 13, 2011


clefRidge Light Opera of New Jersey presents

Kismet_Group_shot_(7)SEPTEMBER SONG 2011

Ridge Light Opera of New Jersey will present its 17th annual production of September Song. This year’s new program will include scenes from Robert Wright and George Forest’s Kismet (cast, left), as well as a shortened version of Lehar classic The Merry Widow, along with a full variety of Broadway classics.

WHEN: September 22-24 at 8 PM; Saturday, September 24, 2 PM
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 140 South Finley Avenue Basking Ridge. The church is wheelchair accessible.
TICKETS: $25 adults; $20 seniors and students. All seats are reserved. Advance Tickets may be purchased on line at www.ridgelightopera.org: Call 908.580.0128 for more information.

September_BroadwaySeptember Song is directed by Lauran and William Corson, with musical direction by Lois Buesser.

September Song’s talented cast includes: Sarah Matsushima, Laura De Felice, Melinda Fritz Porter, Donna Lee Donelan, Caitlin Galardi, Lauren Walker, Dina Markey, Joanna Hoty Russell, Beth Lohner , Ema Mitrovic, Kasey Colligan, Jeff Dopson, Charlie Sachs, Mike Baruffi, Ethan Lynch, Tom Donelan, Eric Boyer, John Lamb, Murray Spiegel, Tom Porter, Greg Vonier, Jamie Baer, Ellie Escher, Sophia Donelan, Christine Egan, Alex Corson, Kevin Peters (Broadway Classics cast above right)

Ridge Light Opera was founded in December 2003 to preserve and maintain awareness of the musical treasures of light opera and musical theatre of the twentieth century.  RLO specializes in shows featuring staged and costumed highlights of (light) opera and musical theatre. Shows include Light Opera (September Song); Opera (OPERAgioius!!), Cabarets (based on the works of composers like Gershwin and Kern) as well as full scale productions like the Mikado. Gifts toward RLO are graciously accepted and are fully tax deductible. Go to: www.ridgelightopera.org.