Friday, July 15, 2011


A fast-paced and loving satire of Dickensian literary conventions, this hilarious parody features four actors portraying 14 different characters and spoofing such familiar topics as Masterpiece Theatre, Nicholas Nickleby and the collected works of Charles Dickens. Familiar award-winning New Jersey actors Harry Patrick Christian, Rick Delaney, Jenelle Sosa, and Terri Sturtevant take on the multiple roles, physical comedy, silly accents, and quick-witted wordplay.

Set in Victorian England, this madcap adventure tells the story of young Penny Penniworth whose childhood love is driven out of town after nearly killing a wealthy businessman. Soon, Penny finds herself penniless, left alone to make her way through a convoluted maze of strange relationships, anonymous benefactors and ultimate justice. This cult-favorite satirical comedy also channels D.H. Lawrence, Jane Austen, Mel Brooks, Monty Python and Sid Caesar.

The New York Times hailed a previous production of Penny Penniworth saying, “Anyone ever tortured by a Charles Dickens novel will find lots and lots to laugh at in this parody.” called the play “irresistible…with broad physical comedy and cheeky social satire.”

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