Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The Planetarium at RVCC has many family shows this summer including:

The Skies over Hogwarts
WHEN: Tuesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 21, 7:30 PM
Join an eclectic group of witches and wizards as they guide you through a "Harry Potter"-themed tour of the night sky. Learn how JK Rowling used astronomy as the inspiration for some of her characters' names. Program runs about 45 minutes. Fee: $6 per person Reservations are highly suggested. Please call us at 908-231-8805.
Other shows include:
The Little Star That Could
The Little Star that Could
WHEN: Tuesdays, July 5 - August 23, 2 PM
Join Little Star, an average yellow star, as he meets other colorful stars in our galaxy during his quest for a name and a planet to call his own.  Imagine his surprise when he discovers planets already orbiting him.  (recommended for ages 6-12 accompanied by an adult)

Attack of the Space Pirates PosterAttack of the Space Pirates
WHEN: Tuesdays, July 5 - August 23, 3 PM
Hidden somewhere in the vast reaches of space is an alien technology so powerful that it threatens the very galaxy itself.  A gang of rogue pirates will stop at nothing to find that technology and unleash its awesome power against the rest of the universe.  Now, only one valiant ship stands between the pirates and their total domination of space.  It's a race against time for the Starship Intrepid as it seeks to find the alien technology first while defending itself against the attack of the space pirates!  (recommended for ages 8-12 accompanied by an adult)

Rockin' Rocket Ride
WHEN: Wednesdays, July 6 - August 24,  2 PM
Put on your space suit and blast off into outer space!  Catchy songs teach us about the planets and moon rocks.  We'll also discover what stars are in tonight's sky. (Recommended for ages 3-8 accompanied by an adult)

Sky Lights
WHEN: Wednesdays, July 6 - August 24, 
3 PM
A laser and video concert featuring songs by mr. RAY (Kalien the Alien, ROY G BIV) and Jane Murphy (Moon Rock Rock, Is Anybody Else Out There?) as well as favorites like "ABC" by the Jackson 5 and Disney's "When You Wish Upon a Star." (Recommended for ages 4-8 accompanied by an adult)

SETI Poster
SETI - The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
WHEN: Thursdays, July 7 - August 25, 2 PM
The prospect that we may not be alone in the universe is taken as a fact by the movies, writers and a great many scientists.  As yet, we have no hard evidence of another living thing outside Planet Earth.  S.E.T.I. — the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence — is a show that explores all sides of this topic, from the planets we are finding around other stars, to the feasibility of travelling to the stars and what liens might actually be like, to the possibility that UFO's have been visiting, and the various methods that scientists are using to get in touch.  Will we make contact in our lifetimes?  This stunning immersive show guides you through the myriad of ideas to a surprising conclusion.  (recommended for ages 10 and older accompanied by an adult)

Laser Light
WHEN: Thursdays, July 7 - August 25, 3 PM
Music plays while lasers draw pictures on the dome overhead.  Features songs like "Fireflies," "OMG" and "Tik Tok."