Sunday, July 25, 2010


Pictures of Pictures
through October 10, 2010

Pictures of Pictures explores the ingenious way in which artists create one picture within another. Drawn from the Museum's collections, the 50 objects in this exhibition include prints, photographs, collages, paintings, and sculptures, and span centuries, ranging from a seventeenth–century Alsatian still-life of precious objects to a Japanese woodblock print of a merchant and his painted fans.

The exhibition places classics of the genre side-by-side with their inspiration. Pictures of Pictures, with its examination of paintings of paintings, sculptures of sculptures, drawings of drawings, and photographs of photographs, offers an experience that is at once witty and profound.

Presence and Remembrance: The Art of Toshiko Takaezu
through September 11, 2010

Centered upon an image of the Remembrance bell erected on Princeton’s campus in memory of the 13 alumni who tragically lost their lives on September 11, 2001, this exhibition features new gifts from the artist, as well as older favorites from the Museum's and University's collections, highlighting one of the great ceramic artists of the twentieth century. Contemporary artist Toshiko Takaezu is perhaps best known for closing the vessel form to render it useless as a functional object, transforming it into a beautiful sculpture. In this seemingly simple act, Takaezu's pieces gain presence and resonate sound that lingers into memory.

Starburst: Color Photography in America 1970-1980
through September 26, 2010

Starburst, the first-ever museum survey of the "New Color Photography" in the 1970s, stars 18 artists who fast-forwarded their medium out of its black-and-white past and put it at the center of contemporary art. The exhibition features generous bodies of work by eighteen artists, from the still-prominent, such as Stephen Shore, William Eggleston, Jan Groover and Joel Sternfeld, to key figures of the period, including Eve Sonneman, Neal Slavin, John Pfahl and Barbara Kasten. Organized by the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Nature Unbound: Flora & Fauna in Chinese, Japanese & Korean Art
through October 18, 2010

Presenting selected paintings, prints, ceramics, lacquers, and photographs, this exhibition aims to showcase various renditions of nature—birds, insects, beasts, flower, and plants—in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean art. The works on display exemplify different ways in which nature is represented, from observation based studies to symbolic devices of auspicious messages, manifestations of virtue, to ornamental motifs. A perfect outing for summer, this exhibition offers a diverse representation of nature the rich meanings embedded within that is both visually pleasant and intellectually fulfilling.

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